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One of the best examples of the Romanian Renaissance architectural style (Brâncovenesc style), Mogoșoaia Palace is a must-see, even if you only have a few days to spend in Bucharest. This former residence of Constantin Brâncoveanu, is located at about 15km from Bucharest, in Mogoșoaia Village and it is part of a larger complex by the lake shore. The Mogoșoaia Palace complex is open to the public and it is fairly easy to reach from the center of Bucharest..

Built between 1698 and 1702 and well-preserved to this day, this red brick mansion is one of the favorite weekend destinations of Bucharest residents. The main building sits on a large property, with trees, flowers and various amenities. The museum, the restaurant, the garden and the beautiful scenery attract a lot of people who want to escape urban life.

Mogosoaia Palace Kitchen cuhna

Mogoșoaia is the perfect place to go near Bucharest to enjoy a picnic with family or friends and to spend a beautiful day in the middle of nature. Over the years, it has been the place of choice for weddings, music festivals, cultural events and private celebrations.

How To Get to Mogoșoaia Palace from Bucharest

By public transport:

  • Bus no R474, R436 (you can use the official website of the public transport operator (STB), to find a route from point A to point B – the default page is in Romanian, but you can switch it to English.
  • Train from Gara de Nord
  • Taxi or Uber

Mogoșoaia Palace Organized Tours

If you don’t want to bother with using the Romanian public transport or with driving in the busy Bucharest, you can book one of the organized tours available to English-speaking visitors. Here are two of these tours:

Half-day tour from Bucharest to Mogosoaia and Snagov

This tour is organized by a private operator.It allows you to see two of the most beautiful historical monuments in Romania, the Mogosoaia Palace and Snagov Monastery (the resting place of Dracula).

Groups are limited to 14 participants. It includes road trip transportation in car or minivan, English-speaking professional guide, entrance fees, and pick up from your hotel in Bucharest. If your accommodation isn’t eligible for direct pick-up, you’ll meet at a location in the area.

The tour is available all year round. During winter, you’d better pick a sunny day with temperatures above freezing.

Click here to see prices and available dates.

Mogosoaia, Snagov & Căldărușani Half-Day Tour

If you want to make better use of your time, you can choose this tour what takes you to Mogoșoaia Palace, Snagov Monastery and Căldărușani Monastery.

As Căldărușani is difficult to visit without a car, this can be the perfect opportunity for you to see one of the most representative Orthodox monasteries in Wallachia.

Click here to see prices and available dates.

Mogoșoaia Palace Opening Hours

For the time being, I can’t know for sure when the park and the palace will be open. If you book a tour, you’ll only see the available dates. If you want to go by yourself, you’ll have to find out whether the park is open.

Due to current health situation, schedules may change on a very short notice.

Things To Do in Mogoșoaia Park

If this is your first time in Romania, you’ll want to go to Mogoșoaia to visit the palace and the museum. Even if the interior is closed, you’ll still have a great chance to admire the Romanian Renaissance architecture, as this palace is a typical example of the Brâncovenesc style.

Even if you’ve already visited the palace, you can enjoy a peaceful afternoon in the park, watching the birds, smelling the flowers and taking photos of this beautiful scenery.

The lawn covers a very large area, ideal for picnics with friends, for playing games, and for taking a nap in the shadow of a giant tree.

There’s also a restaurant in the complex. I don’t know if the food is good, as I never thought to eat there. I just went in different seasons to take photos and to enjoy the scenery.

There are many music festivals and cultural events taking place here, particularly during summer.

Mogoșoaia Palace, Park and Lake Photos

Here are a few of the photos I took in Mogosoaia on a day with lovely, white clouds and a deep blue sky.

Mogosoaia Park Green Grass

Mogosoaia Lake White Clouds

brick wall window mogosoaia palace

Mogosoaia Palace Near Bucharest

Mogosoaia Lake

As you can see, Constantin Brâncoveanu, the Wallachian prince built himself a lovely residence. Too bad he only enjoyed it for a few years. The Ottomans killed him and his sons in 1714.

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