Bucharest, Romania – Planning Your Trip

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Where Is Bucharest?

Bucharest is the capital of Romania. This city is located in Eastern Europe, at 44°25.935′ N latitude and 26°6.3756′ E longitude.

The functional urban area of Bucharest counts about 2.3 million people. This makes Bucharest the sixth-largest city in the European Union by the number of people living inside the urban area, after London, Berlin, Madrid, Rome and Paris.

Bucharest in very conveniently located, within driving distance from many cities and tourist objectives in Europe.

The border with Bulgaria is only 60km away. The distance from Bucharest to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is of less than 360km, accounting for about six hours of driving.

The Serbian border is about 350km away. You can cover this distance by car in 4-5 hours.

Romania has a river boundary with Bulgaria and Serbia. This is the Danube, Europe’s second-largest river after Volga. The Danube rises in Germany, in the Black Forest mountains. It passes 10 countries.

The Danube Delta is one of the must-see places in Romania. Although you can reach the Danube Delta within a few hours of driving, it isn’t a proper destination for a day trip from Bucharest, If you want to enjoy it to the full, you need a tour of 2-3 nights minimum.

There are several interesting day trips you can take from Bucharest. You can get to Transylvania, you can visit Bran (the Castle of Dracula), Peles and Pelisor (two beautiful castles in Sinaia), the mud volcanoes in Berca, the city of Brasov, and Constanta (on the Romanian seaside).

 Several low cost airlines connect the Bucharest airport to some of the biggest cities in Romania and all over Europe.

Time in Bucharest

The Bucharest time zone is UTC +02:00 or EET, similar to the time zone of all other cities in Romania.

Weather in Bucharest

Bucharest, and all of Romania for that matter, is located in a 4-season climate area. The four seasons have distinct features that make them beautiful.

Summers are very hot, while winters can get extremely cold, with daytime temperatures dropping below the freezing point. Spring and fall can get rainy, but they can also offer some beautiful, sunny days, with mild temperatures, perfect for walks in the nature or for urban explorations.

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