About Us

About Bucharest Inside Out

The Bucharest Inside Out project aims to be your reliable information and resources to assist you in your Bucharest (and Romania) travel planning.

Written by locals, this website reveals places in Bucharest and destinations in Romania you never knew existed. We always write about places we’ve visited and we try to offer you detailed information on everything, in order for you to be able to plan your trip without professional assistance.

Who We Are


Although I wasn’t born in Bucharest, I’ve been living here almost my entire life. Passionate about travel, I write about my trips on my personal blog, VioletaMatei.com. I also have a blog about Greece travel. Since I often picture myself retiring in Greece, I keep this blog to document my search for the perfect place to retire in this beautiful country.

For a very long time I thought Bucharest was a boring city. This website is a challenge to prove that I was wrong.


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