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What Are the Main Tourist Objectives in Bucharest?

Bucharest is less attractive than London, Paris or Rome, but this doesn’t make it a dull destination. Spend a few days in Bucharest and you’ll find enough interesting things to see and do.

Bucharest Architecture

Old architecture is well represented in Bucharest. There are baroque and Art Nouveau buildings, Orthodox and Catolic churches, as well as mosques and temples.

There are also lots of communist buildings and unsightly office buildings that coexist with the charming remains of a monarchist past.

In this section of Bucharest Inside Out, you’ll find itineraries that focus on finding the best examples of specific architectural styles.

Bucharest Monuments

Bucharest has its own Arch of Triumph, which is a smaller than the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, but equally important from historic standpoint.

Among the other monuments to see in Bucharest there are: The House of the People (Casa Poporului), the Unirii Water Fountains, the Universitate Square, the Revoluției Square, the Romanian Athenaeum, the National Theater, the Opera House and Hanul lui Manuc, among many others.

The Bucharest Old center is not a monument but rather an area of narrow cobblestone streets and old houses. Most of these houses are now bars, clubs and restaurants. Some of them are shops. Two old churches, Stavropoleos and St Dumitru, are also in the Old Center.

Bucharest Parks & Gardens

 Although I’ve seen better parks and public gardens in other cities in Europe, I have to admit that Bucharest has its own share of green spots designed to please the eye and to provide a spot where to walk, play games and relax with your friends or family. 

The biggest parks in Bucharest are Herăstrău (actual name Park Regele Mihai I), Tineretului, Alexandru Ioan Cuza, and Carol. A bit smaller but very beautiful, the Cișmigiu Garden is the place to go in the city center to enjoy some shadow and maybe a boat ride on the small lake inside this park.

The Botanical Garden of Bucharest is also very beautiful. Featuring a small lake and very old trees, this garden is a floral heaven and a paradise of ducks.

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