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Bucharest Travel Planning

Practical information about Bucharest and Romania. Weather in Bucharest. Currency exchange tips. Visa types. Traveling within the European Union. Packing lists depending on the season.

Where & What To Eat

From fast-food to fine dining, learn what are your available options of eating out. Find out how to choose the best restaurants in Bucharest. Tips for saving money on food, without having to feel frustrated.

Transport & Getting Around

How to use public transport in Bucharest. What are your options to get around the city. How to avoid taxi scams. How to stay safe when traveling the Bucharest Metro, the buses or the tram.

Bucharest Tours & Itineraries

Guided tours or self-made itineraries in Bucharest. How to choose the best type of itinerary for you. How to experience the Bucharest nightlife in the Old Center and outside it.

What To See & Do

The top Bucharest attractions. What are the best times to visit museums, trade fairs, and shops. How to find the latest events and things to do in Bucharest. How and where to meet with the locals.

Day Trips & Tours from Bucharest

Where to go from Bucharest. What parts of Romania to visit and how many days to assign for these tours. From Transylvania to the Danube Delta, visit the best destinations in Romania.

The Best Time To Visit Bucharest

The Best Time To Visit Bucharest

Briefly put, I consider spring and fall as the best periods to visit Bucharest. Come to Bucharest during May or June, or schedule your trip in September or October. Summers in Bucharest are dry and hot. Some days are so hot that you need to spend the most part of your...

Top Things To Do in Bucharest

Top Things To Do in Bucharest

If this is your first time here, chances are you need some information on the best things to do in Bucharest. This article aims to give you some ideas on what to do in Bucharest to make the most out of your visit. Before that, you need to know a few things about using...